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These clinics are a combined initiative between JS Equine Therapies and Simon Fielder Horsemanship, aimed at promoting awareness of tension in the equine mind and body, how this affects our horses - and what we can do through bodywork and horsemanship to help them be at their best potential.

Starting with a short classroom component that supports and expands upon the practical sessions, participants are introduced to relevant equine anatomy and physiology before getting hands-on with their own horses to learn and build upon essential skills for identifying tension and imbalance through diagnostic assessment.

Throughout the day, each horse will also receive a mini bodywork session to further assess, discuss and treat muscular restrictions that may be presenting.

The clinic’s afternoon component is dedicated to working through in-hand exercises to help target optimal balance and strength through relaxed, functional movement. These exercises are also a great complimentary tool for horse owners to develop an eye for how your horse moves, what is correct and what is not, all while providing an opportunity to work on correct movement without a rider on top. Participants are also taught a range of stretches to go through with your horse, and for each demonstrated exercise and stretch you will learn the benefits and affects of each, and when best to apply them.

Each participant receives a documented assessment that includes recommended stretches and in-hand exercises specifically based on how your horse has presented. These can be worked on during the clinic while under guided instruction, and taken home for future reference.

The 'Balancing Equine Mind and Body' clinics are such a great opportunity to not only upgrade your own skills, but to also create stronger bonds with your horses. Currently hosted over one day, we are looking to expand into an optional 2 day clinic with ridden work included.

The clinics are suitable for all horse owners at any level who are looking to develop a deeper understanding of their horse and build their skills in a relaxed, friendly environment - or just those who want to come and enjoy the day.

Who is Simon Fielder Horsemanship?


Simon Fielder (Horsemanship) is a well known and respected professional in the equine industry through Victoria and Queensland, offering training services for a range of equestrian disciplines. Simon specialises in starting young horses, working on behavioral issues and performance training, and has a passion for educating horses so that they are soft, balanced, calm and responsive.  He also feels it is important to work closely with owners to get the most successful outcome.



Clinic Dates and Venues


We'll be hosting more clinics in the Geelong / Melbourne region shortly! Keep an eye out for dates, locations and pricing through this website or follow /jsequinetherapies or /sfhorsemanship on Facebook to receive more direct notifications.

There's rumor we may be hosting clinics in South East Queensland soon too....

Request A Clinic

Want to attend a clinic but can't travel, in a different state, or would rather host one at your preferred location? Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and to register your interest. We'd love to see you!

Both Jill and Simon encourage you to touch base through their social media accounts or directly via email or phone.



​E: simon@sfhorsemanship.com
P:  0428 894 102

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It was a fantastic and helpful experience. Covered all aspects to ensure a happy horse


Very informative day where I learnt a lot about my horse. As an instructor I also learnt some things that will assist my students. It's always good to learn more and teach more!


Enjoyed it very much. Nice to go to a clinic with something new - learning my horse's body helps with my own training.





Geelong, Werribee & surrounds.

Bookings for regional Victoria also welcome on request.


I would love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.


​E: jill@jsequinetherapies.com.au
P:  0421 089 860

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