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There are many reasons a horse may be suffering from muscle related problems, and not every concern is the same. My EMT treatments are individually tailored and based on the individual horse. Those requirements are uncovered as part of a pre-treatment assessment and as a result of what's unfolding as the treatment progresses.


Performance Horse Massage


No matter your horses' discipline, be it show jumping, dressage, racing, cart pulling, polo, western and so on.. each will subject your horse to strain and muscle injury dependent on what is being asked of them.

As previously mentioned under 'Ways your horse tells you about muscle concerns', any muscle related problem your horse is experiencing can lead to restricted movement, reduced performance, emotional strain and behavioral problems.

Massage for the performance horse aids in releasing muscle tension and muscle repair to maintain optimal muscle heath, improve your horses range of movement, body balance, posture and comfort. Because healthy muscle has more stretch than a compromised muscle, and as tendons are attached to muscle, massage will also be helping to reduce the tension a muscle places on it's tendon and thus reducing the risk of tendon injury.

As an owner of a performance horse, you may choose to use massage as both a maintenance and preventative measure, working towards maintaining optimal performance and well being of your horse.

Remedial Horse Massage


If you have a horse recovering from an illness or injury, massage will aid in helping the body heal itself more quickly and efficiently - and in maintaining body balance that may be compromised from muscle compensation due to the injury. Special consideration may need be taken, and depending on the horses needs, I will work closely with your veterinarian to provide the utmost care and best possible treatment.

Massage also works wonders in conjunction with chiropractic work, as it further releases any tension and 'retrains' muscle that has been contributing toward misalignment.

Horse Massage / Other

Because equine myofunctional therapy has so many wonderful effects, owners of nervous horses, rescued horses and older horses will also benefit from massage. The therapeutic treatment acts as a way to not only help in reeducating a horses responses through touch, but also aids to build trust, promote relaxation and improving circulation.

You may simply be looking book a treatment as a checkup or preventative measure, or to treat your horse to a nice therapeutic massage, in which case please don't hesitate to call or send an email.


Every horse and their requirements are always welcomed.


A traditional Chinese therapy now widely accepted in western medicine, it’s something I use often to compliment my sessions.. and i’ve achieved some amazing results!

Although I mainly use acupuncture to compliment my bodywork, it isn’t just for the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. It‘s a lovely complimentary therapy, sometimes used in conjunction with veterinary medicine, to aid in naturally resolving targeted concerns or to support a horse’s overall health and well-being in general.

Feel free to touch base or simply chat during your next session to see how acupuncture can naturally assist your horses optimal performance and quality of life.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is used for both therapeutic (injury rehabilitation) and for aiding performance horses. The specially designed tape has been used on humans for many years and has gained popularity within the equine industry, bringing just as sucessful results. Please enquire for more information.



Typically, a treatment may take anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes. Before starting, I’ll perform a visual observation of your horse (including a gait analysis) and discuss any concerns you may have. To further help develop an informed and accurate treatment approach, I'll also complete a tactile assessment, where I run my hands over your horses’ body to get a ‘top layer’ story as to what's going on with the muscle underneath.


If you're new to my services, it would be sensible to allow yourself a little extra time so we can discuss certain particulars about your horse and your goals, allowing me to develop a rounded understanding of both his or her history and who you are as a team. If you can, I recommend completing the ‘History and Current Health Intake Form’ and bringing it with you on the day.

Post treatment, you'll find I usually recommend some exercises to continue with, along with any other recommendations or referrals if it will benefit the horse.


Each horse is different – and every session will be different. It’s important to me that I take what time is needed to understand your horse and work with them to ensure they are getting the best out of every session.

Equine massage therapy is never a replacement for proper veterinarian care. It’s important to understand your EMT practitioner is not there to diagnose. They are however, trained and skilled in working with their hands to find, stimulate and initiate the healing process.




Geelong, Werribee & surrounds.

Bookings for regional Victoria also welcome on request.


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